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Thomas & Friends Video Series

1. It was released in 1993 and discontinued in 1996.
2. The Brakevan has two roof colors, black and brown.
3. The 1994 Yearbook misspells the Troublesome Brakevan’s name as Troublesome Breakvan (spell).
4. Here is a quote straight from the “Thomas Wooden Railway Wikia”:
“In Germany, it is called the Güterwagen, which translates as “freight van.”
5. The face on the Troublesome Breakvan is the same face printed on the super rare White-Face Troublesome Truck.

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Like many of you, Thomas and Friends videos were watched on a daily basis. My parents purchased many of the different trains and accessories which I still have. I use these trains along with some vintage pieces I find to make my Thomas videos.

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