ERTL Thomas Trains Purchase Video: WoodenRailwayStudio – Thomas and Friends

Video Text:
ERTL Thomas Trains Purchase Video: WoodenRailwayStudio – Thomas and Friends

First up is Harvey. He is dated 2003 on the bottom and was not released in the United States. I can tell he was not released in America by two ways. One – ERTL stopped producing Thomas characters for America in 2002 and the hook on the back is the kind of hook found only on European models. His crane can swivel around, though when he tries to help other engines onto the rails, he falls over. This is a very nice piece.

Next is Daisy. There is nothing too special about Daisy. I purchased her because she was a great price in great condition. (Wait 6 seconds)

Third is Henry’s Forest Log Car. Again, there is nothing extremely important about this piece of rolling stock. I am thinking of using these rubber logs with the Sodor Log Loader, instead of the boring, wooden pegs Learning Curve supplied with the Wooden Railway loader. I hope these fit inside.

Fourth is another non-American release – Neil. Neil has always been one of my favorite Thomas and Friends characters. Unfortunately, he only appeared in one Railway Series story. He has a U-Hook in the back and is dated 2003.

Next is Frank. He was also not released in the United States. This Arlesdale Railway diesel was a very good deal. He is spotless; there is not a dent or scratch on him. I am surprised that Frank is in such good condition. It is like he just came out of his packaging.

Last but certainly not least, Spencer is the final ERTL engine in this video. His condition is marvelous and his detailing is superb. Another non-US release, Americans truly missed out on this one.

I would greatly appreciate it if you would like this video below and if you are not a subscriber, I invite you to subscribe. Also, I would enjoy reading your comments and as I mentioned, Neil is one of my favorite characters. I would love to know your favorite character. You can write your favorites in the comment section below.

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